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India is home to a rich variety of natural fibres that are used to produce some of the finest fabrics in the world. Just like India is known for its natural fabrics, so is it known for the beauty and grace of the saree. An Indian woman's wardrobe is considered incomplete without a saree or two, more so if we are talking about the bridal trousseau. This is where the Kanjeevarams, Banarasis, Paithanis come into play. And whilst we are talking about silk sarees, dare we forget the eternally elegant Tussar Silk Sarees?

One of the most highly regarded silk fabrics like banarasi silk saree for weddings, are the Tussar silk sarees originating from Kolkata. Largely produced in different parts of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, Bihar and West Bengal. Tussar silk sarees give the wearer the look of understated glamour and royalty.

Historically Speaking:

Tussar silk, also called Kosa Silk, is got from the larvae of silkworms of the moth genus Antheraea. The most fascinating aspect of Tussar silk is that the silkworms on wild forest trees, and not mulberry trees. This is what makes them more affordable than pure mulberry silk sarees. These silkworms breed on the trees of Sal, Arjun, and Saja that are mostly found in the wild forests only. Therefore, Tussar silk is also known as the ‘wild silk’. When these silk moths are boiled, they produce natural golden-hued threads. Boiling the cocoons of the silkworms is the most crucial step of the silk manufacturing process. Some folks choose non-violence and boil the cocoons after the larvae have left them. The silk produced from such cocoons is referred to as ‘Ahimsa silk’.

Bhagalpur, Bihar produces the lion's portion of Tussar sarees and therefore, tussar silk is also, sometimes referred to as Bhagalpuri silk. The Bhagalpuri silk industry is centuries old. It is known for its production of hand-woven Tussar silk sarees, a tradition that has been passed down through generations of weaver families.

Tussar silk fabrics are porous in nature, which makes them super comfortable to be worn and also, lightweight and easy to drape. The unbleached, dull gold shine is a perfect base for printing, painting or embellishing the saris.

On the other hand, Tussar silk has shorter fibres, which makes it less durable, thus making the need for proper care very high. The best way to take care of this fabulous silk saree is to always dry clean them. Keep your Tussar sarees in a muslin bag to allow the fabric to breathe. If you absolutely have to wash it at home, remember never to wring the water out of the saree. You must dry the saree in the shade as the colour may fade if it is dried outside under sunshine. Do not use any chemical bleach. Using cold water and mild detergent will maintain the shine and longevity of the awesome tussar silks.

When you want to keep it classic and casual, you can rest assured that Tussar silk will never go out of style making it the perfect party wear saree for women.


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