Bluish Grey Floral Printed Linen SareeGrey Floral Printed Linen Saree By Chinaya Banaras
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Lime Yellow Embellished Organza Silk SareeYellow Embellished Organza Silk Saree By Chinaya Banaras
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Liril Green Embellished Organza Silk SareeGreen Embellished Organza Silk Saree By Chinaya Banaras
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Rose Pink Applique Organza Silk SareePink Organza Silk Saree By Chinaya Banaras
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Steel Grey Woven Banarasi Cotton SareeGrey Woven Banarasi Cotton Saree By Chinaya Banaras
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French Blue Woven Banarasi Cotton SareeBlue Woven Banarasi Cotton Saree By Chinaya Banaras
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Grey Coral Printed Tussar Silk SareeGrey Printed Silk Saree By Chinaya Banaras
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Leaf Green Woven Banarasi Cotton SareeGreen Woven Banarasi Cotton Saree By Chinaya Banaras
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Coral Peach Woven Banarasi Cotton SareePeach Banarasi Cotton Saree By Chinaya Banaras
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Styling Summer Wear Sarees

The colorful, vibrant summer season is here! With the advent of the summer season, most of us go on a shopping spree to find the right summer wear sarees. The summer wear sarees are often colorful just like the season. Hence, styling them in the right manner will not only accentuate your looks but also fetch you many compliments too.

Styling does not mean buying matching jewellery or footwear but means experimenting with the way you would drape these sarees. No matter what type of saree you choose, formal cotton sarees or linen silk saree, draping them correctly is the key.

So, let us explore a few tips that will help you in styling all types of sarees.

Choose Bright Colour Sarees

As mentioned before, the summer season is the time to don some bright vibrant colors. Even if you are wearing a formal cotton saree for interview, if you choose bright-colored formal cotton sarees and team them with a pearl necklace, you will look your best.

Similarly, if you have a special occasion coming up and you plan to look for chanderi sarees online, make sure you choose bright colors. Here are some colors that you can explore while shopping for chanderi sarees online or offline.

Pastel colors
Lime Yellow

Drape your saree in different ways

Both linen silk saree and formal cotton sarees can be draped in many ways. The way you drape a saree is the main factor that lends a distinct look to your ensemble. By draping it wisely, you can change the overall look of any saree.

Experiment with blouse

You can don a distinct look each time by choosing different types of blouses. For example, choose to wear a backless blouse with a linen silk saree to grace a special event or team a collared blouse with a formal cotton saree for an interview to nail the look.

Summer wear sarees are always high on comfort and boast attractive prints and patterns. Once you wear this type of saree, you will never want to compromise on comfort and look by choosing other sarees over these. So, what are you waiting for? Summer is here, pick your favorite saree, drape it the way you like, team it with a blouse pattern of your choice, and yes, do not forget the accessories! With all of these, you are sure to look like a fashionista always!

Buy Summer Wear Sarees at Chinaya Banaras

At Chinaya Banaras, we understand your needs, and each of our summer wear sarees is curated with immense care and precision. Get uncompromised quality at reasonable rates, all only at Chinaya Banaras. At Chinaya Banaras, you can find all types of sarees right from linen silk sarees to Chanderi sarees online and offline.

Exquisite work and excellent craftsmanship can be found in sarees offered only by Chinaya Banaras!