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7 Tips to Care For Tussar Khadi Silk Sarees

Ladies, don’t you enjoy draping your tussar khadi silk sarees and look your best each time? The natural threads, the delicate weaving and the excellent finish make these Banarasi tussar sarees a pride possession of each woman. Buying silk sarees online or from an offline shop doesn’t really matter, what is important is how you keep them! In this article, we will give you a complete guide on maintaining the latest tussar khadi silk sarees.

1. Dry clean tussar khadi silk sarees: If your sarees get stained, never attempt to remove the stain at home. Instead, send it for dry-clean failing which the sarees may lose their luster and finish.

2. Iron it carefully: While ironing your Banarasi tussar sarees or tussar khadi silk sarees, make sure to regulate the heat to medium. The fabric is expensive and delicate, you do not want to end up burning the saree. Also, iron the fabric when it is moist.

3. Mild detergents: If you wish to wash your saree at home, make sure you use a mild detergent or shampoo with cold water. Never rub or brush the fabric as it can damage. Also, avoid washing your saree frequently to retain its original colour and finish.

4. Drying your tussar khadi silk sarees: Always remember to dry your sarees immediately after wash. You can roll it in a dry towel to remove the4 excess water and then leave it in mild sun or use hot steam to dry.

5. Storing Banarasi tussar sarees: Avoid storing your latest tussar khadi silk sarees along with other sarees in the wardrobe. Never wrap them in plastic bags. Use a muslin cloth bag or a readymade saree bag instead.

6. No over-storing: No matter from where you buy your tussar khadi silk sarees, online or offline, do not keep them in cupboard for years together. Make it a point to remove them from the cupboard every two to three months to air dry. You can hang your tussar khadi silk saree on a plastic hanger and not metal one to prevent fabric damage.

7. Use silica gel: To keep moisture away from your sarees and to keep fungus and silverfish away, place silica gel sachets. You can also consider naphthalene balls as well.

Maintaining sarees is not a rocket-science.All you need to do is handle them with love and care.

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