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Mulmul cotton sarees : Summer comfort with brightened elegance

Mulmul cotton, also called muslin cotton, is a plain woven cotton fabric that is very lightweight, soft & breathable making it ideal for hot summersIt is also referred to by names like “woven wind” or “airy fabric” because of its robust, absorptive and wrinkling nature. And when it comes to covering ethnic & summer fashion, no fabric can beat the magic of mulmul cotton sarees. Being one of the low-maintenance fabrics, it can be easily washed in the regular washing machines & doesn’t require any dry cleanings like other fabrics, one more advantage is that it gets even softer with use. You can wear mulmul cotton sarees for everyday comfort in these hot summers. Pure mulmul cotton sarees are one of the most utilized fashion attires in summer and sure seem trendy these days among women.

History link & Mystery of Mulmul fabrics

The fabric traces of muslin cotton found back near the time of 700 B.C. firstly originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh which was originally a part of India. Considered to be one of the finest fabrics in the fabric industry, Bengali Muslims (now Bangladeshi) traded the yarn of the mulmul cotton throughout the Muslim world during the Mughal era but the downturn of mulmul trade began with the British empire in India.

As said multiple times, mulmul cotton sarees are one of the finest and most lightweight fabrics among all others, you must’ve been curious about “What makes it so breathable, lightweight, and texture fulfilling among all?” So the answer to your curiosity is that the cotton fibers used in creating mulmul & muslin fabrics are plain-woven cotton which are mostly unbleached cotton fibers. Using extended fiber length, loose weaving of fiber and tighter spinning of threads makes it extremely lightweight, soft, and breathable.

Making of the Mulmul 

Mul-mul cotton sarees are made from lengthy & bulky cotton fibers, that are specifically picked by hand, swirled into yarn, and then woven into fabric using a traditional handloom. The saree is crafted carefully, with distinct and beautiful patterns before it is first crafted on wooden blocks. Then these patterns are skillfully transferred onto the fabric block by block. Including a vibrant range of colors to create a truly unique & visually captivating attire. Artisans generally use traditional dyeing techniques like tie-dyeing, hand block printing & indigo coloring sometimes on sarees.

Why love mulmul for Summers

  • Effortless-to-wear - The lightweight nature of these fabrics ensures they are easiest to drape providing breathability to you all day long.
  • Absorptive - Their cotton fiber soaks up sweat from your body, ensuring you stay cool throughout the day.
  • Takes less to maintain- Muslin Cotton Sarees, unlike other pure fabrics, don't need any dry cleaning and they can be easily washed by a regular washing machine & regular washing liquids.
  •  Skin-Friendly - They’re anti-allergic and non-irritating, making them ideal for sensitive skin in the summer.
  • Adaptable - Their versatile unbleached cotton nature makes them easy for artisans to dye in any color and with any desired pattern.

Styling tips for mulmul cotton sarees 

  • Get creative by mixing it up: Experiment by combining different color blouses to achieve a playful & fashionable experience.
  • Explore draping possibilities: Drape your mulmul sarees in different styles, try the dhoti style with a vibrant color blouse, or try trouser saree styling to make a unique mark with mulmul sarees.
  • Embrace Colorful Expressions: Mulmul cotton sarees come in a wide range of vibrant colors, allowing for endless possibilities in color combinations. Feel free to experiment with diverse color palettes. The versatility of these fabrics enables you to express your unique style and personal flair.

Buy Mulmul cotton sarees Online

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