“Benares is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.”

- Mark Twain

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Chinaya originated in the timeless city of Banaras, is a beautiful blend of tradition and culture, weaved into authentic pieces of clothing. Chinaya is an unconventional online shopping brand that houses the most indigenous, handcrafted, and authentic collection of Banarasi Sarees, Dupattas, and Indo-Western dress materials. The brand mirrors a fusion of traditional artistry coupled with contemporary designs, embroideries, and stitching. 
The name Chinaya is born out of the Sanskrit word “Chin” – meaning silk. Chinaya (pronounced Shinaya) literally refers to a woman blessed with an abundance of intelligence. In the context of our brand, it implies a woman having an impeccable sense of fashion coupled with elegance and grace. The meaning behind the name itself embodies our vision to make every woman have access to the mesmerizing mix of tradition, culture, design, and art woven into a piece of clothing.

Our mission is to manufacture the best quality products at affordable prices! Our dedicated team of craftsmen makes sure to deliver on time with international standard quality checks. Our exquisite hand-woven banarasi sarees and suits with pure fabrics add to a woman’s timeless beauty. We aim to make the art accessible on a global scale whilst imparting education about the magic that goes behind the looms in Banaras.

Chinaya is a branch taken out of the Rupdarshi Heritage tree. Rupdarshi Heritage is a legacy that was founded by the Late Mr. Pawan Agrawal. They have been in the manufacturing and wholesaling of Banarasi sarees and fabrics for the past 45 years. Chinaya is the brainchild of the founder’s son Mr. Vishal Agrawal and his wife Mrs. Namrata Agrawal. This power-packed duo is attracted to continue the heirlooms and hence established Chinaya during the 2020 lockdown.

Vishal Agrawal is a visionary along with being a passionate entrepreneur who has always been fascinated by Banarasi sarees and fabrics. He possesses the capability to bring his vision to life. He likes to multitask while putting his creativity to use time and again. He has completed his Diploma in Fashion Designing from Mumbai. Namrata Agrawal, on the other hand, has a knack for finance, while she brings her financial expertise to the business coupled with her intelligence for the latest trends and fashion. She also takes charge of the designing and marketing umbrellas of the brand. This husband-wife duo can frequently be spotted traveling across the country. The travels are usually inclined towards exploring traditional culture around cities, mostly hosting armies of weavers, trying to understand their foundations and the beauty of their art. The duo is brimming with energy gained from working. The duo also has the heartiness to explore great food with arms wide open to all types of cuisines.

Furthermore, their passion and expertise help them in identifying the creativity oozing out of the weavers in Banaras. They envision helping the world gain access to art.

Chinaya focuses on Printed sarees, Chanderi Cottons, and believes in embracing and promoting a variety of fabrics such as Tussar, Munga, Khadi, Organza, and Linen along with other Banarasi Silks. Chinaya is synonymous with authenticity and age-old heritage. 

Our craftsmen are the most essential part of the Chinaya Family. We have high regard for our weaver community and believe in their continued employment and growth, by establishing long-term contracts and relationships with the weavers and offering them recurring incentives. We aim to empower them and their loved ones with our specialized welfare programs. On the flip side, our specialty is to educate the buyer about various fabrics and sarees and understand their needs to help them make an informed buying decision.

Design & Quality

Your trusted saree store from India! With an extensive range of saree, suit, and dupatta designs, we proudly flaunt our Indian heritage in a contemporary way! If you love ethnic fashion, Chinaya is your one-stop destination for exquisite designs and premium quality!.

Handcrafted With Love

We strive to bring the finest handwoven pieces to last you your lifetime. All our products are handcrafted and made to last. We want our products to be an investment for you.

Professional Support

We strive to bring the finest handwoven pieces to last you your lifetime. All our products are handcrafted and made to last. We want our products to be an investment for you.