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Chanderi silk sarees online

Chanderi silk sarees are elegant, soft and gauzy in cotton or in combination of cotton with silk having a gold or silver border and motifs. Chanderi silk is a mixed fabric with silk as warps and cotton as weft, woven in multi-weft technique.

The fineness of the Chanderi sarees is described at the time of emperor Jahangir when Chanderi Muslins 15 yards in length and one yard in width could be made so fine as to weigh, merely 900 grams. 

It would take an expert weaver nearly 5 months to weave a piece of the above-mentioned size. The costs of such delicate fabric were very high, but due to the presence of many royal families, ready markets were available and art flourished. 

The Mughal period witnessed the golden period of weaving in Chanderi.Chanderi Silk has been around for a very long time now.

 Chanderi is famous for its handloom even today. Chanderi silk sarees have impressed the women of India. Not only sarees, but Chanderi is also now producing fine quality dress materials and dupattas too.  Chanderi sarees are produced of three kinds of fabrics- pure silk, Chanderi cotton, and silk cotton. The most common patterns to be found on traditional chanderi silk sarees are coins, flora art, peacocks, and geometric designs

Here are a few bestsellers from Chinaya Banaras 

1. Red Bandhni Printed Chanderi Silk Saree: Flaunt your charming look in the captivating pure chanderi silk fabric saree. Our red lustrous chanderi silk saree reminds you of a sheer sophisticated style. The handwoven saree enhances with a white bandhani print. A specific sense of delicacy is added with an antique zari border and pallu to make this saree a legacy to pass on to the next generation. Style it with gold Kundan jewelry to glam up your look.

2. Ocean Blue Woven Chanderi Silk Saree:  Wrap the comfort and class in the enthrall lustrous chanderi silk fabric saree. Our ocean blue woven chanderi silk saree delivers absolute elegance to your fashion. The traditional saree is decorated with  printed timeless geometric patterns. Exquisitely woven saree carries a definite touch of delicacy with an antique zari border and pallu. Drape this handcrafted saree at the casual function from our lustrous chanderi collection with pearl jewelry to grab all the attention.

3. Coffee Brown Geometrical Printed Chanderi Silk Saree: The woven chanderi silk fabric saree elevates the entire look. There are printed geometric patterns all over the saree. A timeless woven border magnifies the saree more beautifully. Drape our lustrous chanderi silk saree on your next casual gathering.

4. Teal Blue Woven Chanderi Silk Saree : This perfectly teal blue woven chanderi silk fabric is a classic outfit for any casual occasion. The subtle handwoven lustrous chanderi silk saree is in the yellow shade. A perfect detailing of block printed brown florals all over the body makes it look elegant. The contrasting color border and pallu magnify the charm with antique zari work. Drape this sandcastle yellow floral saree from our lustrous collection. Pair with silver oxidized jewelry to have a more elegant look.

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