Linen Silk Sarees - The Wardrobe Must-Have for All Seasons!

Sarees, as we have already established are the ultimate go-to outfits. They are versatile and graceful, drenched in tradition on one hand and fabulously trendy on the other. The six yards of elegance is impossible to ignore. Every Indian woman must always have that one saree that is her fall back outfit, the desi version of the 'little black dress', if one must ask!

Though there are a variety of materials to choose from and we as Indians are particularly blessed with the absolute variety in design/ fabric and textures, you can pick absolutely anything. Like the Banarasi Silk Saree for wedding is a cliche and for a simple gathering you can pick a kalamkari saree online, but if there is to be only one saree in your wardrobe, we would ask you to pick a Linen Silk Saree.

A little about Linen - the wonder fabric:

Linen is made from fibres sourced from the stems of flax plants. Flax fibres are very strong (up to three times stronger than cotton largely due to their crystalline structure). This makes linen fabric a strong and durable fabric.

What is Linen Silk?

A Linen Silk, as the name suggests, is a fabric that combines the best of both yarn Silk and Linen. Due to the strength of both threads, this fabric is durable and wear-resistant. While the Silk fibre gives softness and sheen to the material, linen makes it stronger and more comfortable to wear.

Dive into the Past:

The history of linen fabric dates back to the ancient civilization of Egypt. The sturdy fabric was a very popular clothing material among the royal families. This was because linen had a complicated manufacturing process that only the very wealthy (mostly royals or courtiers) could afford. Linen silk was discovered when weavers started weaving silk fabrics on linen yarns. This fabric turned out to be fancier as there were silk undertones mixed with the linen threads. A linen silk saree has an added gloss and sheen quality along with the sturdiness of the fabric. The fabric colours are unique in their own way and yet, beautifully subtle. 

A linen silk saree is hardier than many other saree fabrics. Because of its tight weaving and higher numbers of thread counts, the longevity of these sarees are a given. Apart from that, since a linen silk saree is soft, the draping process is more efficient and the saree can be draped (even by relative newbies)  effortlessly. A fancy linen silk saree can be a great substitute for the other heavier traditional sarees as it is gorgeous and easy to carry.

Styling a lovely linen silk saree:

Like we mentioned in the beginning of this article, styling a saree, especially a linen silk saree is very simple as it is super versatile. Pick your saree according to the occasion, be it a hotshot corporate party, a special celebration, or a pre-wedding ceremony. 

Bring out your funky side by combining it with a jacket and a belt. Try different drapes like the dhoti drape or wear pants instead of the regular underskirt. For a pre-wedding event, you can easily rock the show. Pair your gorgeous saree with traditional accessories, try pearls, they never fail. These days kundan and meenakari jewellery are pretty popular. Work on your eyes and pick a lovely shade of lipstick. Consider a fragrant gajra or flowers in your hair and get set to pose!

For parties and gatherings, go simple and graceful. Minimalism is an in thing, let your saree and your personality do all the hard work. 


Sarees can make a woman look her best. When that saree is a gorgeously handmade Linen Silk one from the House of Chinaya Banaras, you have a certain winner. Look effortlessly dreamy, style in any way you wish and, have a saree that can last you for a long time - what more can one ask?

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