Bollywood Celebs who aced the look with Banarasi Saree

Bollywood has always been a trendsetter when it comes to fashion and style. One such trend that has been around for ages is the Banarasi saree. The intricate work, beautiful designs, and rich colors of these sarees have made them a favorite among Bollywood celebrities. Many Bollywood divas have donned this traditional attire and aced the look with ease. Chinaya Banaras has some amazing sarees that will catch your eye for sure!!!

One of the most iconic moments in Bollywood was when Rekha wore a beautiful red Banarasi saree in the movie Silsila. The saree became an instant hit and is still considered a classic. Other celebrities who have been seen flaunting the Banarasi saree include Deepika Padukone, Vidya Balan, Madhuri Dixit, Sonam Kapoor, and many more.

These celebrities have not only worn the saree on screen but also off-screen, at events and award shows. They have experimented with different styles and colors of the Banarasi saree and have set new fashion trends.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of Banarasi saree and explore how Bollywood celebrities have rocked this traditional attire. So, get ready to be inspired by the glamour and elegance of these divas as we take a closer look at their Banarasi saree avatars.

  • Deepika Padukone in Red Banarasi Saree

  • Deepika Padukone has always displayed her love for sarees by donning different types of sarees on various occasions. She was seen clad in a red Banarasi saree created by Sabyasachi on her first wedding anniversary. It was the same saree that was gifted to her by Ranveer Singh’s parents during their Konkani-style wedding. 

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  • Anushka Sharma in Red Banarasi Saree

  • Anushka Sharma had worn a red Banarasi saree at her lockdown wedding reception ceremony. Her looks in this beautiful saree again by Sabyasachi had taken the Internet by storm. Elegant and royal, this Banarasi silk saree for weddings became every woman’s dream!

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  • Rekha in Orange and Pink Banarasi Saree

  • Well, when we talk about Bollywood celebs and Banarasi sarees how can we miss out on Rekha? Rekha was seen wearing a beautiful orange and pink-colored Banarasi saree at Isha Ambani’s wedding reception. Rekha, as usual, sizzled in the saree and accessorized it with maximalist jewellery!

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  • Yami Gautam in Red Banarasi Saree

  • Yami Gautam wore a red Banarasi saree on her wedding that belonged to her mother! The traditional saree was simple and was covered with elaborate gold work all over. Yami aced the look with a choker necklace and rani haar. 

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  • Alia Bhatt in Pink Banarasi Saree

  • None of us can forget the stunning look that Alia Bhatt donned in the movie Raazi. The saree that she wore in the famous Dilbaro song was a pink Banarasi saree. Simple yet elegant, it had delicate brocade work and was worth enough to be included in every bridal trousseau!

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