Ace the look in a casual silk saree

Silk sarees are a timeless fashion statement and have been a staple in Indian women's wardrobes for centuries. They are versatile and can be worn for various occasions, ranging from formal events to casual outings. However, wearing a casual silk saree can be a little tricky as you do not want to look too dressed up or too casually. Sarees are always preferred by women when heading to the office as they are not only comfortable but are also available as per fashion trends. If you are looking for a casual silk saree as per the latest fashion trends, then you must check out Chinaya Banaras!

You can also consider wearing a casual silk saree with intricate designs to a formal event to exude class and sophistication at the same time. In this article, we will discuss how to wear a casual silk saree in the right way, so you can look effortlessly stylish and comfortable while embracing the traditional attire.

  • Colours

  • The colour of the saree plays a pivotal role when it comes to choosing a casual silk saree for office wear or for a formal event. Always choose earthy colours like brown or beige, or pastel colours like pink or blue, they are always a few of the trendy colors that never go out of style. You can also pick a casual silk saree in neutral colours like black or white as they make the best hues to be worn to any formal event

  • Prints

  • Generally, silk sarees come with elaborate work. However, if you are looking to buy a casual silk saree, then make sure that it has intricate designs like small floral prints or embroidered motifs. You can consider picking a casual silk saree with Kalamkari, Ikat, or Ajrakh prints.

  • Blouse

  • The next important element of any saree is the blouse. If you want to carry a casual look, then make sure that the blouse that you wear with it is simple and not too fancy. Although, we are not discouraging you from following the fashion trends, however, make sure that the blouse is not overdone and is apt to grace both a casual and formal event.

  • Accessories

  • Right jewelry adds a hint of sparkle to any attire and this is true even for a casual silk saree. However, when you want to carry a casual look, make sure you wear jewelry with intricate designs. If you are wearing a casual silk saree, you can team it with a delicate gold chain and matching earrings to nail the look. 

    The fashion industry has evolved over the years, even when it comes to sarees. Each saree can be worn differently and styled differently as per the occasion. Silk sarees have always played an important role as a household heirloom wherein it gets passed on from generation to generation. So, cherish the ones you have and wear them your way to look your best for each occasion. 

    In a nutshell, wearing a casual silk saree can be a great way to look traditional and stylish at the same time. To wear a casual silk saree in the right way, you should choose a saree that is light in weight and has a simple design. Pairing it with a plain blouse and minimal jewelry can give you an elegant look. Also, opting for comfortable footwear and hairstyle that complements the saree can add to your overall appearance. By keeping these tips in mind, you can confidently wear a casual silk saree to any occasion and make a fashion statement with ease. Check out some amazing casual silk sarees at Chinaya Banaras, pick the ones you like and slay the look at the next upcoming event!

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