In recent years, most women have been seen heading to colleges and offices dressed in various types of suits and salwar kameez. What is it about suits and salwar kameez that appeals to women so much?

Kurtas, Salwar suits, Salwar kameez, and sarees are always looked upon by people as traditional clothing that can only be worn only on certain occasions such as festivals, weddings, or gatherings.

In contrast to most ethnic clothing, the shalwar kameez is not only stylish but also comfortable. It is great to handle on short notice and allows the wearer to move freely. 

As a result, more women are wearing Kurtis and salwar kameez as their regular formal attire. It’s no wonder that the salwar kameez has grown in popularity among professional women who attend colleges and offices.

Unlike the old times, there are varieties of Kurtis and salwar kameez available for the modern woman to choose from. The Kurtis or salwar kameez may be different in terms of color, designs, embroidery, or fabric. 

Types of Suits and Salwar Kameez

For a typical day at college or the office, there are varieties of Kurtis to choose from. Kurtis are both comfortable and elegant, helping you seem presentable whether you’re giving a presentation or socializing.

For corporate casual events and normal office days or routine days at college, check out this selection of the greatest office and college wear Kurtis designs. Choose your favorite and make a fashion statement of your own.

  1. A-Line Kurti

Kurtis with an a-line cut are the most popular among teenagers. The Kurti stretches down from the waist, forming an A, and can be worn to calf, ankle, or knee-length. The A-line kurta is suitable for formal events, festivals, as well as casual and everyday use. 

Dhoti pants, jeggings, jeans, Patiala, Capri, or churidars can all be worn with the Kurti. Add a clutch, handbag, or slings to the ensemble to achieve the desired look. 

Finally, wear footwear that complements the desired style, such as pumps, kolhapuris, sandals, or even casual shoes.

  1. Flared Kurti

Flared Kurtis are stylish and sophisticated. They swing both directions, so they’re suitable for a formal setting as well as everyday wear. The hemline opens out on both sides, giving the garment a little bounce, and that’s what makes these so appealing.

The flared Kurtis are not really body-hugging; instead, they are loose and flattering on a tall-slim figure. Kurtis are best combined with ankled jeans, Patiala, churidars, Straight Pants, and so on, depending on the length of the Kurti.

Flared Kurtis can be worn with heels, bellies, flats, wedges, or ethnic wear, according to your preference. They can also be matched with delicate jewelry such as chains, ear cuffs, and studs to make it simple and elegant.

  1. Trail Kurti

Kurtis with a C shape cut on the front and back are known as trail cut Kurtis. Asymmetrical Kurtis are quite similar to tail cut Kurtis, except that the back is a little longer. 

They are one of the most popular and fashionable Kurti styles for workplace wear. These cotton Kurtis are ideal for wearing to work. Leggings, palazzos, jeans, and other similar items work well with this Kurti. 

On a body with a triangular or pear shape, this style will look great. Others may want to attempt this lovely Kurti style as well.

  1. Angrakha Kurti

The musicians of the royal court wore Angrakha in ancient times. This Kurta is styled after a jacket, with two contrasting or similar flaps that overlap and are fastened together at the side of the chest with dori or straps. 

The Kurta’s dori features little Latkaan, tassels, or pom-poms at the end to lend a touch of glitz to the outfit. Women now wear the trend on a nearly daily basis in the current world. 

The Kurti may be worn with leggings or churidars and is suitable for both casual and formal occasions. The richer version of Anghrakha is frequently worn with matching jewellery and bags at formal gatherings and celebrations.

  1. Kurti with a jacket

Combine your Kurti with a short jacket for a beautiful and flattering silhouette. Gives you a laid-back vibe and helps you stand out in college and the workplace.

Kurtis with a short jacket gives you a fresh and stylish look in your outfit. Add jhumkas to take things to the next level. This look is constantly on point in the fashion industry; mix it with cigarette pants, jeans, or a dhoti to make a statement.

  1. Long Straight Kurti

The demand for lengthy Kurtis has skyrocketed in recent years. Skinny Jeans, Straight Pants, Palazzos, Tights, and Dhoti Pants and ethnic jackets can also look great with Tall Kurtis on top.

They make a terrific look when matched with skirts and may be worn to parties, day outings, and brunches. It’s the ideal office outfit because it’s both trendy and conventional.

 Accessorize with appropriate jewelry and bags to complete the look. Mashru, Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Viscose, Polyester, Crepe, and Georgette are some of the fabrics available.

  1. Churidar Kameez

The good old churidar salwar kameez, which has been worn by Indian women for years, is still one of the most popular styles of salwar suits, coming in third place behind salwar kameez and anarkali suits in popularity. 

The churidar kameez is made up of a simple knee-length, form-fitting kameez and a churidar, a close-fitting and tight bottom. The churidar’s small fit wonderfully highlights the contours of the legs, giving the user a thin and tall image.

  1. Cigarette Salwar Kameez

This is a brand new salwar kameez with a pant style. It looks a lot like slim-slit pants. The cigarette pants kameez is the greatest alternative for women who do not want to have a completely traditional look even when wearing a salwar kameez.

 These days, cigarette pants are popular; they are ankle-length and have a cut on the sides with buttons. It blends seamlessly around your thighs.

 In a cigarette salwar kameez, you can look sleek and elegant or choose one that finishes at the anklet. The straight-cut kameez looks fantastic with cigarette pants most of the time.

  1. Palazzo Suits

The palazzo suit is a trendy fusion outfit that combines western fashion with Indian culture. Long women’s trousers with extraordinarily broad legs that stretch out from the waist are effectively combined with the long, straight-cut kameez. 

Palazzo suits are sweeping the international fashion scene, and they are being worn by women in the majority. Because of its blend of comfort and flair, the palazzo suit is suitable for both formal and informal situations.

  1. Knee-Length Suits

Every day, girls choose to wear conventional salwar suits for offices or colleges. This casual look can be matched with a unique dhoti, trousers, or pants paired with knee-length kameez.

In place of a Patiala salwar, palazzo trousers and churidars can be worn with Kurtis. Individuals can also choose from kurtas with embroidery and work on the sleeves and neck.

Kurtis have remained popular, and it appears that the pattern will continue. If worn with appropriate jewelry and footwear, Kurtis are one of the greatest choices for college, office, parties, and formal wear. For the perfect office or college outfit, check out Chinaya Banaras‘ unique kurta set and Co-ord collections.
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