The Unmatched Beauty Of Different Fabric Sarees-

The grace and exquisite uphold with the saree is unparalleled. Indians have a powerful emotional connection with sarees. The wardrobe of Indian women is captured by countless sarees. 

Sarees are the perfect attire to be carried on any occasion. From western parties to Indian festivals draping sarees never goes out of fashion.

Our traditional heritage gives us rich fabrics for tailoring the outfits perfectly. When it comes to saree, India has an abundant array of material, embroidery, styles and the story behind the weaving process. Chinaya has a wide range of sarees with different fabrics, prints, etc.

With every changing region, the draping style of the saree is also changing. In North India, Siddha pallu style is popular while, in South India draping style changes to South Indian style.

8 Type Of Saree Fabric To Steal Your Heart-

  1. Georgette silk saree – The georgette saree fabric is a sheer, lightweight texture. The texture of georgette is acquired from silk. The georgette silk saree is easy to drape and carry gracefully on any occasion. 

A perfect weaving technique and embroidery style makes the saree utterly for your comfort and style.

Change your draping style according to the weaving technique and embroidery style. Pair it up with a boho jewellery set for a perfect bohemian look for a western party. 

At the festival wear pearl jewellery to the utmost traditional look. Chinaya has an exclusive collection of georgette silk sarees online.


Burgundy Tussar Khaddi Silk Saree

  1. Banarasi silk saree – Banarasi saree is the symbol of traditional heritage carried forward from our ancestors. The pure banarasi silk fabric is sheer and heavy to give a royal look when worn. 

Drape Banarasi saree on different occasions or festivals and grab all the attention. Banarasi sarees for bridal are the real gem in the bridal outfits. 

The embroidery like zari buta work, kalamkari design, Zari motifs, and more enhances the saree beautifully. 

The techniques like Kadhwa, Katan, and more makes the saree rich and royal to be flaunted during festival season. Chinaya has an exclusive collection of Banarasi silk sarees online.


Magenta Pink Kadhwa Weave Banarasi Silk Saree

  1. Chanderi saree – The lustrous fabric of chanderi silk seeks all the attention of beholders. The soft and delicate fabric gives a charming look that makes everyone’s head turn. 

Drape chanderi silk saree in neck drape style on casual gatherings for a sophisticated look. The different kinds of prints make different types of impressions. 

The stripe prints intensify the bold look. Bringing a charming look becomes easy with the floral print. The kalamkari pattern brings out classiness. 

Drape the chanderi silk saree with silver oxidised jewellery to get a complete graceful look. Chinaya has an elite collection of Chanderi silk sarees online.


Kalamkari Printed Chanderi Saree

  1. Chiniya saree – The light, soft, and flowy texture with just enough sheer to make your outfit stunning. The chiniya silk saree is woven with the delicate yarn of chiniya. Chiniya is a new type of silk thread. 

Drape chiniya silk saree in belt style to make it look aesthetic. The various patterns amplify the saree perfectly. 

The geometrical print makes the saree look classy. Digital prints make the saree look beautiful. 

Drape the chiniya silk saree with a gold Kundan set when styling for wedding occasions. Style it with pearl jewellery for casual occasions and flaunt your perfect look. Chinaya has an exclusive collection of chiniya sarees online.


Peach Digital Printed Chiniya Silk Saree

  1. Moonga fabric saree – Moonga silk saree is a symbol of extravagance, nobility, royalty and affluence produced in Assam. The richness and durability carried by Moonga silk are unmatchable. It holds comfort and grace in each fold. 

Making a long-lasting impression, it comes in different prints to catch the eyes of the beholder. The abstract design makes the saree aesthetic. A saree with patola prints spread the next level charm. 

The elegance uplift by floral is hitting the surroundings beautifully. Chinaya has an exclusive collection of Moonga sarees online.


Grey Abstract Printed Banarasi Moonga Saree

  1. Organza fabric saree – The pure organza silk saree is ultra-sophisticated, lightweight, and has a sheer shine texture. Organza word is said to be derived after the Organzine fabric that was intertwined by twisting silk fibres. 

Nine yards of tantalising fabric uphold the grace flawlessly. The various timeless prints & embroidery makes the saree rich and lavish.

Organza saree with the decoration of Floral embroidery gives a posh look. The digitally printed florals making the saree exquisite for every occasion. The hand embroidery adds a regal charm to the saree. 

Drape organza silk sarees on a summer wedding with statement jewellery to give your look a royal one. You can team it up with pearl jewellery on your next casual get-together. Chinaya has an exclusive collection of Organza sarees online.


Anaya Navy Blue Handcrafted Organza Saree

  1.  Tussar silk saree – The pure tussar fabric saree gives sheer comfort and a royal look. It is also referred to as “Wild silk”. The delicate fabric enhances the beauty & it is easy to drape. 

The rich coarse texture gives it a sophisticated look. The beautiful & classy patterns amplify the charm of this saree. 

Drape tussar silk saree in a neck drape style with silver oxidised earrings to get the perfect look. With some gold jewellery, you can drape tussar silk saree at festivals or weddings. 

Flaunt your contemporary yet classy appearance effortlessly. Chinaya has an exclusive collection of Tussar sarees online.


Light Sea Green Printed Tussar Saree

  1. Linen saree – Linen fabric is highly breathable and durable with a unique quality to absorb moisture in intense conditions. The 9 yards of grace in the pure linen fabric upholds your stylish look. 

A perfect combination of comfort and elegance has been wrapped in these linen sarees. The different prints and patterns showcase the different styles and cultures. 

Wear a linen saree with pearl jewellery on your next casual outing. You can style it with a belt for amplifying your stunning look effortlessly. Chinaya has an exclusive collection of linen sarees online.

Every fabric has its own story of elegance and luxury. Choosing the right fabric saree for the occasion has become important for perfect comfort and grace. 

Next time whenever you plan to drape a saree on any occasion just, get through this blog for a stunning look.

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