India is rich in a variety of fabrics that showcase our tradition. The soft and rich texture of tussar fabric makes it a must-have in every Indian’s women wardrobe.

Tussar silk is also known as ‘Kosa silk’ in Sanskrit. Several species of silkworm relating to the moth family. These silkworms usually live within trees in wild forests. Tussar silk is also known as wild silk.


The cocoons of the silk moths are single-shelled and are oval. Due to circular markings on the moths, it looks like a mirror. These silk moths produce natural golden-coloured threads when boiled.

These threads are dyed in a variety of colours as per requirement. The Experienced hands of craftsmen weave these threads into beautiful sarees, suits, kurtis and many more outfits. 

The rich & soft texture makes the tussar silk the queen in all types of silk. 

Qualities of tussar silk saree 

  1. Rich texture

The tussar silk saree has a rich texture that gives a royal look. Wear it at any family function and flaunt your royal look with some statement jewellery.

  1. Soft & breathable fabric

The tussar silk saree is very soft and lustrous. The breathable fabric makes it a comfortable luxurious saree to wear all day long.

  1. Easy to drape

Tussar silk saree is lightweight and classy that makes it easy to wear anywhere effortlessly.

  1. Spread charm

Tussar silk saree carries grace with its soft touch and rich texture. It spreads magic with its classical prints and intricate pallu.

Price of tussar silk saree

The rich and pure silk is always expensive. The process of making tussar silk takes a lot of effort. The experienced craftsmen handwoven the tussar fabric in an elegant saree. You can easily get a tussar silk saree ranging from Rs. 10,000 to 50,000.

Occasion to wear a tussar silk saree

  1. Weddings

Wear a tussar silk khaddi saree with zari embroidery on any wedding. Team it up with puffed sleeves to magnify the beauty of this saree. Add gold plated jewellery & you are ready to grab all the attention.

  1. Office or corporate occasions 

Drape a classy tussar silk saree in belt style at your office. Add some statement jewellery with it. Wear block heels & you are ready to take all the spotlight on you.

  1. Day events/celebrations

Drape a soft color tussar silk saree with a high neck blouse. Add hoops earrings & bangles along with mang tika. Spread the charm with a stone-studded clutch. 

  1. Casual outings

Wear a tussar silk saree at any casual outing as the tussar silk is so soft and comfortable to carry all day long very elegantly & effortlessly. Add a pearl choker to uplift the grace & you are ready to grab all the compliments. 


Different types of silk available
There is a variety of silk available like-Mulberry silk, Sea silk, Spider silk, Eri silk, Muga silk and many more. All of them are produced with different silkworms and different processes. They all carry different kinds of qualities that make them unique and expensive.

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