Banarasi saree can never go out of fashion. It’s an iconic fashion statement that rules the fashion world. The intricate designs and weaving process makes the banarasi saree unique. 

From the Mughals era, the weaving of brocade with intricate designs became the treasure of Banaras.

With the evolution of the textile industry, the banarasi saree has become popular not only in India but also in other countries.

A variety of designs, styles, weaving patterns, shades, embroidery makes the banarasi saree sets a symbol of grace and be a trendsetter. 

When it comes to categorizing the banarasi saree based on fabric, Chinaya Banaras has many types of banarasi sarees. From royal rich banarasi silk saree to blended heritage tissue silk saree. 

Every banarasi saree has its own story & every banarasi fabric has its quality. The legacy of grace is held by all the banarasi silk saree. 

Rich Banarasi silk art

A beautifully handwoven silk yarn into rich banarasi sarees is incredible. The decoration of gold and silver zari brocade elevates the beauty of the rich banarasi saree


Heritage Tissue silk saree

Delicately woven the golden & silver threads in one direction & the coloured silk threads are weaved in an accurate design, which gives it a stunning look. 

The sheer fabric comes with a shine to give this handloom tissue silk saree a marvellous appearance. 


Highlights of rich banarasi silk 

Weaving technique

The highlight of rich banarasi silk sarees is, they are woven with traditional handloom technique. The two silk threads are twisted together and made into pure silk sarees.


Nakashi & embroidery

The fine nakashi with gold and silver zari signifies royalness. The Resham embroidery denotes classiness. These classic decorations on the rich banarasi silk saree amplify the charm. 

Price of rich banarasi silk
The price of a rich banarasi silk saree is generally high. The pure silk yarn is woven by the experienced hand of craftsmen & the delicate nakashi makes this saree expensive. Chinaya has the best rich banarasi saree at an affordable price.

Occasion to wear

Wear the rich banarasi silk saree at any wedding or family function. Add a gold plated classy jewellery to intensify the royal look. 

The rich banarasi silk saree is heavy. This quality makes it the perfect saree for any wedding.

Draping style

Drape rich banarasi saree in a traditional style. The grace of a rich banarasi saree enhances more when you drape it in sidha palla.

Highlights of Tissue silk banarasi saree

Weaving technique

The Tissue silk fabric has open knitting, with the metallic yarns woven in one direction. The colored silk threads weaved in the opposite direction that gives it a charming shot impression. Chinaya has the best handloom tissue silk saree.

Nakashi & Embroidery

A fine blend of fabric and design Tissue silk sarees leaves a long-lasting impression with their unique beauty. The saree incorporates silver or gold brocade in their design. The intricate floral designs and motifs on the tissue silk saree enhance the charm. 

Chinaya Banaras has a wide variety of embroidery for every occasion.

Price of Tissue silk saree

A brocade design takes a lot of effort to make a beautiful saree. The experienced hand of craftsmen makes intricate motifs with zari. The breath-taking design on delicate tissue silk fabric makes the saree very expensive. Chinaya Banaras has the best tissue silk saree at an affordable rate.

Occasion to wear

A feminine & sheer comfortable tissue silk saree with zari embellishments is the pride of every woman’s wardrobe. The delicate tissue silk is a perfect outfit to wear at summer weddings. The soft fabric of tissue silk makes you relaxed all day long. 

Draping style 

Wear heritage tissue silk saree in neck drape style at any casual party. Style it up with some classy statement jewellery. You can drape the tissue silk saree in many stylish ways according to the occasion. 

How to maintain banarasi silk saree

The grace brings with the banarasi saree with a scent of femininity is unique. The Banarasi sarees need to be maintained very gently and carefully. 

Maintaining rich banarasi saree & tissue silk saree-

There are some tips to keep your rich banarasi saree and tissue silk banarasi saree always in the best condition. 

  • Avoid staining your banarasi saree as much as possible.
  • Go for dry cleaning only! If you got any stain on your saree.
  • Keep turning the folds of your saree regularly to prevent tearing from edges
  • Avoid hanging them for a long time.
  • Avoid them to keep it in plastic bags. Use muslin bags to keep your banarasi saree.

Styles to carry your banarasi treasure perfectly

There are many styles to drape the banarasi silk saree gracefully. Some of the styles were iconic and always in the trend. Here are some styles you should try at weddings or parties.

Seedha palla(Traditional style)

Drape your rich banarasi silk saree in seedha pallu with puffed sleeves blouse. Style it up with gold plated jewellery and add a classy clutch to elevate your look.

Neck drape style

Drape your tissue silk saree in neck drape style. Wrap the pallu of the saree like a scarf. Style it up with hoops earrings. Add more glamour with a black clutch.

Belt style

Drape a precise tissue silk saree in a simple way (Ulta Palla). Bring the pleats of the saree perfectly & add a belt at your waistline to elevate your look. Team up with a V neck sleeveless blouse. Style it with a layered design statement necklace. 


Bengali style

Drape your rich banarasi silk saree in Bengali style. Wear it with a sleeveless blouse. Add Bengali jewellery to glitter up your Bengali look at any puja.


Every banarasi saree carries the unique qualities that make it super trendy and ultra-sophisticated. Choose the perfect Banarasi saree according to the occasion. 

Drape it in a different comfortable style with perfect accessories.

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