Sarees are a staple in the wardrobes of most modern Indian ladies. Every woman desires a diverse variety of sarees, ranging from simple everyday wear to extravagant sarees for wedding wear.

The word saree is also known as Sri and Shari. According to Sanskrit, Sari means “Strip of Cloth.” It is a daily wear saree and women’s apparel that originated in the Indian Subcontinent. 

The saree’s length can range from 5 to 9 yards. Each state and religion has its saree draping style, making the saree a distinct wearing style. Every state has its distinguished variety of sarees.

Most ladies enjoy wearing sarees regularly or for special events. Sarees are an example of an attire that looks good on all body types. 

However, saree fashion has evolved in recent years. Previously, heavy sarees or zari work sarees were favored, but nowadays, women prefer minimalist sarees for offices or daily wear. 

Reasons to wear saree daily:

The sarees are the most preferable option for most women as they are lightweight and easy to carry all day. The daily wear sarees can also function as formal wear if paired with proper accessories.

  • It is the type of easy everyday wear saree that all ladies choose to wear in all seasons due to its simple and lightweight properties
  • The lightweight saree features both printed and painted patterns, making it easy to carry in everyday life
  • By pairing the saree with a good pair of jewelry and a sandal, this sort of saree may be worn as a casual or formal wear saree

Types of Daily wear Sarees

Daily wear sarees come in a variety of styles and patterns. Sarees are also available in a range of fabrics for women to pick. 
In this blog, we have highlighted some of the best minimalistic sarees for daily wear. Chinaya Banaras’ authentic collection features lovely daily wear sarees that you will want to have in your wardrobe.

  1. Pure Cotton saree for daily wear

Cotton sarees for daily use are popular among ladies of all ages because of their simple design and easy-to-wear combination. Ladies prefer to wear plain cotton sarees during the summer. 


Cotton sarees are also appropriate for everyday office wear because they are light and pleasant to wear all day. The traditional cotton fabric used in this everyday wear sari gives the saree a smooth touch.

  1. Daily wear Organza Printed Saree

The organza sarees are lightweight and the perfect pick for any hour of the day. The Organzine fabric, which was woven by twisting silk strands, is the inspiration for the word Organza. 


The six yards of delicate fabric has a lovely matt feel and is available in a diversity of pleasing colors, designer pallus, and graceful borders.

  1. Silk saree for daily use

Silk sarees come in a wide range of weaves, from banarasi to moonga. Silk sarees are suitable for both informal and formal occasions. 


They are comfy to wear and have an elegant appearance. Sarees made of silk have become the most popular in recent years.

  1. Georgette saree for daily wear

Georgette sarees are one of the most popular and well-liked fashion choices among ladies. Georgette is the preferred choice for fashionistas because of its adaptability, crepe-like flowy material, lightweight, and comfort.


 It is made of a fluid material that is easy to handle and can be fabricated into a variety of designs and patterns. Georgette sarees come in a variety of styles, from workwear sarees to exquisite party wear sarees. 

Silk threads make pure georgette sarees, whereas rayon and polyester are used to make mixed georgette sarees. Georgette sarees can be found in a wide range of colors and patterns both online and in stores.

  1. Daily use Linen Saree

Compared to cotton, linen fibers are thicker and longer. Cotton doesn’t have the same sheen as linen. Although both cotton and linen fibers are composed of cellulose, they differ in many ways. 

These organic linen outfits are more comfortable and durable than cotton, making them the finest choice for summer outdoor parties, pre-wedding festivities, and casual and workwear.


The convenience, style, and comfort of a linen saree are all combined in one piece. These are also quite adaptable and flatter ladies of all ages. 

To obtain unique styles with linen sarees, try experimenting with various draping styles. When draping, linen, unlike other saree fabrics, does not wrinkle readily.

  1. Chanderi Saree for daily wear

Chanderi sarees are popularly known for their lightweight, authentic texture, intricate zari border, and a glossy transparency.

A Chanderi silk saree combines embroidery, silk sarees, and cotton fabric to create an elegant combination. 

Wear it to make a statement that screams for something exceptional. It may brighten up even the most boring of your days.

  1. Daily wear Chiffon Saree

A chiffon saree is a lightweight, easy-to-wear fabric with a sheer look that is woven plainly. Because of the sheerness fabric effect, the chiffon saree appears quasi to transparent.

The lightweight woven material of this sort of daily wear chiffon sari makes it easy to wear. The chiffon saree, with or without printed design, can be worn as a daily wear saree.

Look through the stunning collection of Chinaya Banaras and add a splash of color and beauty to your daily routine. These sarees are appropriate for work, day events, hotel outfits, and even running errands. It’s your turn to shine if you want it to be! It never hurts to dress up a little.

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