The legacy of tradition & royalness lies in the banarasi sarees. Banarasi can be simply a synonym of grace & trendsetter. As the grace spread by banarasi is not a cup of tea for any other saree. The beauty of the banarasi saree can never go out of trend.

Get the perfect bengali style-

The rich banarasi fabric enhances more when the draping style perfectly goes with banarasi fabric type & occasion. Many women are fond of the Bengali style. Have you ever thought about or tried to wear sarees in Bengali style but got stuck somewhere or didn’t get the perfect look? If yes, then this blog is for you.

Styling guide for a perfect Bengali drape-

Wearing any saree in Bengali style is not a good idea. Always pick a saree with a heavy border and sheer comfort fabric. By keeping this in mind, a perfect saree would be a banarasi silk saree. Chinaya has rich banarasi sarees with a heavy border that look perfect in Bengali style. 

Now it’s time to learn how to wear a banarasi saree in Bengali style in the simplest & fastest way.

  1. Choosing any banarasi saree- Choose any banarasi saree from your wardrobe and iron it well. It helps you to make the pleats easily & gracefully.
  1. Wrap simply- Once you have done the ironing, now hold the end part of the saree and start tucking it from the right side of your waist. Wrap a single round around your waist just like you wrap in simple style. 
  1. Making rough pleats- Now take the pallu part of the saree and make rough pleats for the time being. Grasp the pleated pallu on your left shoulder from the front side. Remember not to put pallu by rolling around your waist.
  1. Maintaining the length of pallu- Keep the length of the pallu exact as your height. If you are wearing heels, adjust the pallu in a way that it will touch the ground.
  1. Securing in the best way- Secure the pleats with a safety pin on your shoulder so that the length should not be disturbed.
  1. Perfect pleats- Now take the leftover part of the saree from your front and make neat broad pleats. There should be 2 to 3 pleats. If there is extra fabric leftover, tuck it at your waist.
  1. Remaking the pleats- Take the pallu part on which you make rough pleats earlier. Open that pleats and make them again neatly according to your border size.A woman making pleats.
  1. Secured and clean pleats- You can use clips to secure the pleats at an alternate distance for the time being. Settle the pleats properly by taking the help of your thumb and other four fingers. 

Press it in such a manner that it gives a clean look. Again put the well-pleated pallu on your left shoulder, taking from the front.

  1. Settle it well- Now settle your pallu on your shoulder and pin it down to avoid any inconvenience. Unclip the pleats from the rest of the pallu (which you did in step 7th)
  1. Trademark of bengali style- Take one side from the end of the pallu. Taking from back to front, put it on your right shoulder. (Bengali’s generally uses this to carry a keychain.) You can add a broch to it to enhance the charm of the authentic Bengali look.A women wearing saree in bengali style
  1. Accessorize your style- To make your Bengali look more traditionally attractive, put a big round bindi in a contrasting color. You can add Kamar-bandh and chur to intensify the grace of your traditional look.
 A woman wearing a chiniya silk banarasi saree in white color with red color border.
  1. Accessorize your contemporary style- If you want a contemporary Bengali look, go for some silver oxidized boho jewellery. Adding a large size bindi will make your look extravagant.

By following these simple steps, you can easily drape a banarasi saree in Bengali style like a pro. You can get any look from traditional to contemporary in Bengali style.

When a bride drapes a banarasi saree in Bengali style, it simply uplifts the tradition with beauty & class. 

The occasion to shift on Bengali draping style

  1. Dress up for Durga Puja in Bengali style-  The Bengali women look astonished in the Durga puja. Drap the banarasi saree in Bengali style by following the steps mentioned above.

Pair it up with a gold matar-mala (a long necklace made with small round gold balls) and some other gold jewellery. Put a large size round bindi & your Durga puja look is ready to flaunt. 

  1. Bengali Wedding look- When you are going to a wedding this time, try the Bengali look. Take a Banarasi silk saree with a heavy border and drape it in Bengali style. Wear it with a half sleeves puffed blouse. Add just a gold hoops earring. That’s all to uplift your look gracefully.
                             A woman wearing red banarasi saree in begali style.
  1. Bengali Bridal look– If you are draping the banarasi saree on your wedding day in Bengali style, it will make you look ten times more beautiful. Add heavy Bengali wedding jewellery to it & you are all set for your big day.

All you need to do is drape your saree with perfect pleats and add a perfect jewellery set with it. 

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