Banarasi fabric is India’s most incredible and sophisticated fabric. Many outfits tailored with the rich banarasi fabric. The most popular attire among all the banarasi outfits is the banarasi saree. Banarasi sarees are fabricating in the traditional land of Varanasi, commonly known as Banaras or Kashi. The timeless beauty of the banarasi saree is the synonym of this beautiful city. 

Reason to adore banarasi fabric

Women of India and other countries adore the handloom banarasi sarees. The reason behind this is- the grace, the richness & the feeling of heritage lies in the banarasi fabric. Rich banarasi fabric saree

You can easily spot a banarasi saree in every Indian women’s closet and still, they are endeavouring for more best banarasi saree. No other sarees can beat the elegance of banarasi sarees.

Dawn of banarasi saree

The weaving of brocade with intricate designs became the masterpiece of Banaras in the Mughals era. With the evolution of the textile industry, the banarasi saree has become popular not only in India but also in other countries.

Chinaya brings all types of best banarasi sarees, the handwoven banarasi sarees crafted by the traditional method. With the variety of designs and embroidery, Chinaya never compromises on the technique of weaving. 

Diversity makes the banarasi sarees more pleasant-

Banarasi saree has a wide variety which includes fabric, patterns, designs, weaving style, etc. Mainly Banarasi saree can be differentiated based on different fabrics.

Katan Silk Banarasi

Katan is a plain-woven fabric with pure silk threads. The two silk threads are twisted together and woven into pure silk sarees. By using the traditional handloom technique, the sarees are handwoven. These handlooms Katan silk sarees are delicate and give a royal look.A woman wearing Yellow color katan silk saree.

Organza Silk Banarasi-

A lightweight, fine, plain-woven fabric that was made originally from silk. A delicate woven saree with silk yarn is remarkably accurate and has high tensile strength. The pure organza silk sarees are the perfect banarasi for a summer wedding.A woman wearing an organza off blue saree with blue handpainted floral.

Tissue Silk Banarasi-

Delicately woven the golden & silver threads in one direction & the colored silk threads are weaving in an accurate design, which gives it a stunning effect. An open knitting pattern makes the Tissue silk fabric unique. The sheer fabric comes with a shine to give this handloom tissue silk saree a marvellous appearance. A woman wearing a beige cream tissue banarasi saree.

Tussar Silk Banarasi-

A rich grainy texture of tussar silk fabric makes it stand out from the crowd. The penetrate and breathable fabric is ample to wear even in summer. Tussar silk banarasi is a lightweight fabric saree with long durability. You can effortlessly get a tussar silk banarasi saree from Chinaya.A woman wearing beige color tussar silk banarasi saree.

Chanderi Silk Banarasi-

A perfect blend of silk and cotton makes the chanderi silk fabric different from other fabrics. Chanderi silk comes with royalty and comfort. The silk makes it look royal and feel like a feather and cotton makes it comfortable and breathable. Wear the best fusion of banarasi & chanderi fabric handloom saree. Chinaya has a wide range of chanderi silk banarasi sarees at an affordable price.

Different designs on different fabrics for various occasions-

Banarasi saree is a real gem in Indian women’s clothing. Banarasi saree not only comes with variation in material but also in weaving style and design.

Here are some weaving styles & designs mentioned below.

Cutwork style – Cutwork embroidery is a surface embroidery technique. The two main stitches used are running stitch and buttonhole stitch. The fine work of cutwork style makes the banarasi look more refined. Cutwork embroidery seems perfect on organza silk banarasi sarees.

Zari buta design – Handwoven designs are rare these days. The extraordinary handwoven zari butta designs make the banarasi look ultra-sophisticated. The golden or silver color zari is used to make the butta which sprinkle the grace in the saree.A navy blue banarasi silk saree with golden zari buta work.

Bandhani print – Banarasi sarees give you a royal look with their Bandhani print design. A creative tie & dye technique is the famous design of Gujarat & Rajasthan. The traditional technique is applied to produce attractive and delicate dotted patterns on sarees. You can get the best banarasi saree with bandhani print at an affordable price from Chinaya.A woman wearing a red banarasi silk saree with bandhani print.

Brocade work – An exquisite woven silk and intricate designs with zari. Mostly brocade work is about floral or motifs inspired by Mughals. This embellishment makes the sarees heavy. Chinaya includes this high-class traditional work on almost every saree’s pallu and border.A woman wearing a green banarasi silk saree with brocade design. 

Know A to Z of Banarasi sarees-

An apple is an apple, not a pear. Similarly, the Banarasi silk saree is different from Kanjivaram. Many people tend to confuse between Kanjivaram silk and Banarasi silk at first sight. 

But there is a difference between the origin & design of these sarees. The Kanjivaram silk is originally from the south part, while Banarasi silk is originally from the North part of India. Kanjivaram silk uses a golden thread for weaving design. Banarasi silk uses zari in golden & silver color for intricate work.

Banarasi silk saree is not just an outfit but, it is an emotion of every Indian woman. Rich and heavy Banarasi sarees are perfect for the Indian bride. Banarasi saree itself holds grace and glamour at the same time. Chinaya has a deep spectrum of the best Banarasi sarees online. Chinaya has ranged from Banarasi saree for a wedding to Banarasi saree for the reception and banarasi sarees for social events to a brunch date.  

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