Unleashing the Legacy of Pichwai Prints


The art of decorating textiles which includes weaving, dyeing, printing, and painting dates to almost 5000 years. Indian textiles are pigment-painted and are known for their vibrancy and colorfulness. The paintings often depict renowned characters from Puranas or landscapes. Such artwork is found in Odisha, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Gujarat, and Andhra. 

One such art is the Pichwai art or prints. These prints gained popularity in recent years along with other pigment-paint work like Kalamkari, and others. Earlier, the Pichwai print or art was restricted only to decorating the temples or the ceilings of homes. But now, this art has been incorporated into sarees, dress materials, and shawls too.

Let us delve a little deeper to understand more about this beautiful art.

What are Pichwai Prints?

The Vaishnavas of the Vallabhacharya school introduced the Pichwai art in the Nathdwara region of Rajasthan. These paintings often depicted the stories of Lord Srinath Ji that were portrayed in the temples. The Pichwai paintings were created by the Gauda and Jangad castes of the Nathdwara region.

The Pichwai paintings and prints, also called as Pichwari art, depict numerous stories like the life of Lord Krishna which includes the famous Ras Leela with Gopis, lotus, cows, and other beautiful patterns inspired by Mother Nature. The important themes used in Pichwai Prints are the Giriraja Pichwai which indicates Lord Krishna carrying the Govardhan mountain on his little finger to protect the people from rains, the Morbuti theme which has 12 peacocks dancing to grab the attention of peahens, and the Gopashtami that depicts Lord Krishna playing his flute while being surrounded by his cattle.

The technique used for Pichwai Prints

First, the fabric, usually a woven cotton cloth, is heavily starched. Then the colors are applied to its surface using binders and adhesives. The drawings are outlined on a black-and-white background. This black-and-white background is made of zinc white and charcoal. Post this, the color pigments made from natural mineral compounds and plant extracts like gold liquid, silver, zinc, copper, saffron, flowers, and leaves are used. The brushes used for such paintings are made of goat hair and for finer lines, brushes made of squirrel hairs are used. 

Where are Pichwai Prints Used?

This art form has become very popular with fashion designers and home décor artists. As a result, many apparel pieces like sarees, dress materials, and dupattas have witnessed the usage of the Pichwai prints. The apparel is embellished with different accessories like crystal stones, zari work, kundan stones, and so on. Here are some of the clothing pieces on which you can find this famous artwork:

  1. Pichwai Linen Sarees
    Pichwai linen sarees are light in weight and comfortable to wear. They make an apt pick to be worn to grace casual and semi-formal events. These sarees have beautiful motifs of cows, lotuses, and other Pichwai prints that will not fail to impress you. Buy beautiful Pichwai linen sarees by visiting Viridian Green Pichwai Printed Tussar Silk Saree - Chinaya Banaras

  2. Pichwai Print Linen Silk Dress Material Set
    The beautiful linen silk suit set with exclusive Pichwai prints is a must-have in your wardrobe. The set consists of a kurta and a dupatta with Pichwai prints and a matching cotton bottom. Get the dress material stitched as per the latest trend and you will look your best. Check out exciting and distinct Pichwai print linen silk dress material set by visiting, Sky Blue Pichwai Printed Linen Silk Dress Material - Chinaya Banaras

  3. Pichwai Print Linen Dupattas
    These linen dupattas have bright attention-seeking Pichwai prints along with colorful tassels on the border. These dupattas are versatile and can be worn with any kurtas or short tops with jeans for the desired Indo-western look. Light in weight and skin-friendly, these dupattas are a must-have. To buy beautiful Pichwai print linen dupattas, visit Rose Pink Pichwai Digital Printed Linen Dupatta - Chinaya Banaras

The Pichwai prints have transcended from the walls of temples and canopies of our homes to our clothing. In this way, this traditional art which was on the verge of disappearance has been resurrected. It has helped us understand the different folk and tribal art forms of India. Hence, it is imperative for every Indian woman to own at least one piece of apparel with this beautiful art form. Visit Chinaya Banaras today, to choose your favorite Pichwai print linen saree, dupatta, or dress material today! 

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