Trending this Season - Slay in Party Wear Sarees!

A saree is best suited for a traditional occasion like a puja or a wedding, right? WRONG!

A saree is the perfect outfit for any and every occasion and we are not limiting it to indoor wear. One can ride a horse or hoola-hoop (as shown by a popular influencer) or even do cartwheels in a saree. It can be worn in boardrooms or in cocktail parties, for an intimate gathering or in a sombre event. The sky's the limit when it comes to when and where you can wear the saree.

This season, when everyone is looking at a gown or a dress to glam up an event, choose a sizzling party, wear a saree and slay in it!

Sarees are and will continue to be symbols of strength for the common Indian women and a must have in most celebrities' wardrobes.

The colours that rock in party wear sarees:

  • Beautiful Beiges: Beiges, pleasant browns and fawns have long been beloved in the Indian ethnic fashion space due to their similarity to earthy tones and metallic golds/coppers. While these shifts are spectacular

  • Soothing Whites: Represented by light, cream,off-white, silver, and palest pastels the whites are a standard in every party wear wardrobe. Add motifs,playful prints, or bright hues to channel the current white saree trend. 

  • Forever Blacks: Black is suitable for formal as well as party wear. It has been an eternal favourite. With borders, embroideries, shine and shimmer - anything goes.

Let's take a look at some delightful party wear saree for women options:

Sheer Sass in Organza:

One can never go wrong with a sheer organza saree. It is one of the smartest ensembles to get ready for an evening party. Wear graceful danglers and a studded bracelet with it for a rich look. The best part about  an organza is that you can experiment with varied colour options and bring out the diva in you.

An evergreen trend, Organza drapes are the perfect thing for an evening / night party. The elegance of organza retains the essence of an evening party – chic and elegant.

You can pick from a range of colours like the traditional gold, reds and pinks or you can go offbeat with rust and blues. Break the convention and walk in something different. Put some thought and magic into the blouse and you will have the perfect outfit for any fancy do.

Beautiful Banarasi Silk Sarees / Tussar Silk Sarees:

Want to take the traditional and classy route? Look no further than the Tussar Silk or Banarasi Silk Sarees! here are endless ways to experiment with this saree. You can opt for an evening look with the unique fabrics - done up with a matching blouse, it will give you the picture-perfect look and when you choose a bit of quirk like a crop or a halter neck top to go with it, it will make you stand out.


Perfect Designer Pichwai Sarees:

Pichwai painting is an art form that has its roots in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. It is used as a decorative curtain or backdrop in Shrinathji temples and is considered very sacred. Devotees offer these hangings in temples and take them back home as a souvenir as well. This art on sarees with a storytelling form is making a thrilling addition to the handloom, hand-woven sarees. 

Pichwai art depicts important scenes from the tales of Lord Krishna especially incarnation of Krishna, i.e. Lord Shrinathji as its central subject. Designer Pichwai Sarees are a blend of tradition and contemporary fashion.


Powerful Formal Sarees Online:

Sarees in the corporate or formal set ups are a little different than most party wear sarees. Professionals tend to go for mellow colours, earthy shades, and pastel hues. These colours enrich the environment without calling too much attention to the person. You can never go wrong with geometric, floral, or abstract design informal settings.

As we see, the versatility of a saree extends to a party. These days there are so many ways to drape them - with belts, with pants, some even use it as a dhoti and a kurta. You can never go wrong with one of these beauties. Come on over to Chinaya Banaras to get a range of Organza, Banarasi silk sarees and more.

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