There is no debating about the fact that the banarasi saree is the real gem of Indian tradition. Banarasi saree holds the royalness in each of its folds. Dawning from the holy city of Banaras, banarasi sarees grab a special place in every woman’s wardrobe.

The rich pure fabric of banarasi sarees flaunts the legacy of Indian tradition perfectly. The timeless embroidery and weaving style make your look the utmost one. Due to such fabric, weaving style and embroidery, the price of banarasi silk sarees is high but these high prices always justify the saree perfectly. 

Chinaya has a wide range of banarasi sarees ranging from under 10,000 to under 40,000. Fabric-like Banarasi silk, Chanderi silk, Chiniya silk, and much more are available on Chinaya at the best price.

Top 10 Banarasi Sarees Under 10,000 ₹-

  1. Navy blue woven Banarasi silk saree- The navy blue banarasi silk saree is woven to perfection using handwoven techniques in pure banarasi silk. The saree is an intriguing navy blue hue with vibrant woven motifs throughout the length of the saree. The border of the gorgeous saree is decorated with gold zari and red piping along the border. Make room in your closet for this magnificent Banarasi silk saree from our selection of authentic Banarasi silk sarees. The cost of this beautiful saree is just 9375 ₹. The amount does justice to this saree.
  1. Sky blue white woven chanderi silk saree – This luxurious Sky Blue & White Woven Chanderi silk saree from our collection of pure banarasi silk sarees will fascinate every observer at any gathering. This handwoven piece, fabricated of the finest chanderi silk, is a dazzling addition to any outfit. 

The blue color woven floral buta motifs on the chanderi silk fabric elevates your prestige. The combination of sky blue and white color enhances your beauty. The border of this saree is adorned with embroidered patterns of various shapes and sizes, which wonderfully complement the outfit. The cost of this beautiful saree is just 6375 ₹. 

  1. Bottle green printed chanderi silk saree – Sense the charm of tradition with our chanderi silk saree. The handwoven saree with chanderi silk fabric looks classy. The bottle green hue makes this saree ultra-sophisticated. The printed florals & figures all over the saree uplifts grace. The delicate woven florals on the border level up the charm. The cost of this charming saree is just 7250 ₹.
  1. Parrot green digital printed chiniya silk saree – A stunning masterpiece has been woven from the pure fabric of Chiniya silk by our skilled craftsmen. This green Chiniya Silk saree has a tempting shine. This rich artwork might be a part of your next casual party. The exquisite detailing of digitally printed gold zari buta strengthens the dapper look of this saree. White dotted prints covered the saree to inflate the charm. Decoration with white color digital prints add more grace to the border and pallu. The cost justifies the overall grace perfectly. This saree is just for INR 8065/-.
  1. Indigo geometrical printed moonga silk saree – This vivid moonga silk saree is one of the few things that can get you in a festive mood. This pure moonga silk with the perfect blend of culture and joy. A beautiful handloom woven contrast border adorns the classic saree. The geometrical prints run the lengths of the saree to give it a contemporary look. This breathtaking saree is for INR 9685 only. The cost justifies the fabric and the classic print on the saree perfectly. 
  1. Deep grey printed organza saree – Update your wardrobe with this exquisite party wear saree from Chinaya Banaras. The deep grey saree is fabricated in organza silk. Organza silk is a light and sheer fabric with a luxurious finish that makes the saree light as a feather. The border is adorned with fascinating gold zari weaved motifs of various shapes. The embroidered floral and checkered print add glow to the beauty of this saree. Make this enticing ensemble a highlight in your closet right now at an affordable price of INR 3000 only.
  1. Rama green patola printed tussar silk saree – The more detailed the embroidery, the more wealthy, exquisite, and exclusive the saree appears. The captivating Rama green tussar silk saree is embellished with gold zari stripes in a check pattern and charming patola prints are woven superbly all over the body. The contrasting red border with zari embroidery lends the piece a perfect appearance. The fabric and embroidery make this masterpiece worthy for INR 9,710 only. 
  1. Sea green digital floral printed linen saree – Update your wardrobe with this elegant party wear saree from Chinaya Banaras. The green saree is handwoven with linen fabric. Linen is a light and sheer fabric with a luxurious finish that makes the saree light as a feather. The digital printed floral and hand-embroidered crochet adds beauty to this saree. The border is adorning with a fascinating handmade crochet border. Make this enticing ensemble a highlight in your closet for just INR 6,750 only. 
  1. White Dupion silk saree – This saree made of white dupion silk has a tale to tell. The antique zari weaved buta all over the saree upholds grace. The border is gorgeous, with antique zari weaved floral designs of varying sizes. The tassels at the pallu’s hem add to the allure of the dupion silk saree. The saree cost INR 8325/- which justifies the fabric of this saree perfectly.
  1. Navy blue bandhani printed banarasi silk saree – Discover the beauty of tradition with our handloom rich banarasi silk saree. The flawless hand woven navy blue color saree looks elegant. Timeless bandhani print embraces the saree. A beautiful woven antique golden zari work on the red border & pallu of the saree. Delicate thread floral amplifies the grace of the pallu. This masterpiece cost you INR 9160 only which is a very reasonable price for such rich fabric and print.

Chinaya has a wide and exclusive collection of exquisite sarees that you can easily buy under INR10,000.

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