Selecting the right suit sets for weddings!

Wedding season is here! Most of us have started searching for the right suit sets to look our best for upcoming events. While there are some who choose to opt for a stitched suit set, there are others who buy an unstitched suit set online and get it stitched as per their choice from a local boutique. There are many who buy unstitched suit set online from Chinaya Banaras and get it stitched through them only!

Suit sets are timeless and classic apparels that have been around for quite some time. These suit sets can elevate your look instantly. Over a period, suit sets have evolved with the changing fashion trends. They have been worn by both men and women and continue to be a staple in the wardrobe of professionals and fashion enthusiasts alike. There are different styles of suit sets meant for different occasions. Right from casual ones to occasions like weddings, there is a suit set for each occasion. It is quite important to choose the perfect style as per the occasion. 

In this blog, we will be providing you with a few tips on choosing suit sets for important occasions like weddings.


The first and most important aspect that you need to consider is the color of the suit sets. Even if you are buying an unstitched suit set online, make sure that the color is taken into consideration as per the occasion. Navy blue, red, pink, and such bright colors are safe choices for weddings.


The fit of any apparel is very important as it determines your body shape. No matter what type of suit set you buy; stitched suit set or unstitched suit set online, make sure the fitting is right. If a suit set is too tight, it will make you uncomfortable while the ones that are too loose will lend a heavier look to your ensemble. 


When you are buying suit sets for weddings, make sure you opt for rich fabrics like Banarasi silk or Mulberry silk. You can buy mulberry suit sets online from authentic websites like Chinaya Banaras. These fabrics come with a distinct shine and fall that will match the occasion perfectly. If you do not wish to go for pure silk fabrics, you can opt for fabric blends like cotton silk. 


Make sure your suit set is as per the latest style. Even if you are buying stitched suit sets, ensure that it is as per the latest trend. If a wedding has a dress code, make sure you buy a suit set or get an unstitched suit set online based on the same.


The last and most important aspect is the accessories that you will be wearing with the suit set. For example, if you have bought a mulberry silk suit set online, team it with jewelry like jhumkis and necklaces to don a dapper look. However, if you are choosing a Banarasi silk suit set, then keep the jewelry minimal as the suit set itself will have elaborate work. The key is to don an elegant and classy look. 

If you are planning to buy stitched suit sets or unstitched suit sets online, then choose authentic dealers like Chinaya Banaras. Chinaya Banaras offers an extensive range of mulberry suit sets online along with others. Also, you will find the best quality suit sets with intricate detailing only at Chinaya Banaras.

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