India has a rich traditional heritage of fashion, art, culture, food, etc. Mismatch and trying different trending fashion outfits is always a style of Indians. When we are talking about fashion trends, banarasi fabric is never going out of style. 

The different outfits tailored out of banarasi fabric are impressive enough to grab all the limelight on it. Chinaya takes you much closer to the banarasi sarees

You must have witnessed multiple Bollywood beauties in sumptuous and the best lehenga sarees for women in almost every celebration, wedding ceremonies or other occasions. Not only in Bollywood, but most of the Indian women these days have set their heart on lehenga sarees.


A lehenga from a banarasi saree completely varies from a normal saree. So, what is a saree in lehenga style? Wear a heavy banarasi saree in lehenga style by following simple steps.

Indians do DIY’s with banarasi sarees so well that it took all the attention effortlessly. Wearing banarasi saree as lehenga has been in trend for a long time now but, in the year 2021, the trend makes it more glamorous.

Follow the steps for draping banarasi saree in lehenga style –

Nowadays, there are many styles of lehenga to wear on different occasions but, the lehenga with banarasi saree is still on the top of the fashion list.

Here we guide you step-by-step procedure on how to wear banarasi saree in lehenga style: 

  • Wrap banarasi saree around your waist on the petticoat.
  • Starting with the basic tuck on the right to wrap once around your waist.
  • Now start making small pleats from the right side of 2 inches folded on the left side and tuck in the waistline.
  • Keep making pleats on the longitudinal section and tucking forward each time you make a pleat.
  • Do this continuously till you reach the pallu. Now wrap it and tuck inwards and tuck on the right side for a perfect drape.
  • This completes the whole saree, and you make a Lehenga out of the banarasi saree. 
  • Take a matching banarasi Dupatta to uplift your style in this charming lehenga.
  • Add some accessories like- Kamarbandh, earring, nose pin to enhance your traditional Indian look.

People also love to drape saree in lehenga style with different draping styles. We are here to give you another easy step by step guide of wearing a banarasi saree in a lehenga style comfortably.

Follow these steps for a perfect lehenga made out of your favourite banarasi saree:

  • Take any of your favourite heavy banarasi saree.
  • Iron it well so it becomes easy to make perfect pleats. 
  • Now start wrapping the saree from right to left in a single wrap-around your waist and end on the right side.
  • Now hold the saree and make small pleats again just like the one we made above.
  • Remember, to not make pleats at the back. Stop on the left side or from where the pallu border starts.
  • Take the pallu throughout from behind to front and put it over the right shoulder in open style or pleat it up and then put it on your right shoulder facing to the front.
  • Add some statement jewellery to uplift your classy Indian traditional style and make your lehenga more adorable.

Different Occasion to wear Banarasi saree lehenga

  1. Banarasi lehenga for a wedding- The grand wedding celebration wants a rich and royal look. A banarasi saree is impeccable for such weddings but draping it in lehenga style makes it more exquisite. Banarasi saree embraced with golden or silver zari work and a heavy border goes perfect for such events. Chinaya has a wide range of exclusive banarasi sarees perfect for wedding
  1. Banarasi lehenga for a reception- The classy Organza silk banarasi saree is all you need to stay fashionable & relaxed. From soft colours to bright colours, choose the style & comfort in any of them. Drape your favourite organza banarasi saree in lehenga style for making the utmost adorable Indian look. Add some gold plated jewellery to intensify your look. Chinaya has a wide range of elite banarasi sarees perfect for the reception.
  1. Banarasi lehenga for Diwali – Festivals like Diwali are the time when Indian women desire a traditional Indian look. Nothing can beat the legendary banarasi saree at Diwali. Choose any rich banarasi saree and drape it in lehenga style by following the above-mentioned steps to make your appearance more alluring and royal. Pair it with any statement jewellery and make your look dazzling in beauty. Get a perfect charming banarasi saree from the best collection of handwoven banarasi sarees on Chinaya.
  1. Banarasi lehenga for Chaat- Chaat is a very popular festival in UP and Bihar. Indian women used to wear heavy and exquisite sarees on the occasion of Chaat. Switch your style this year, drape banarasi saree in lehenga style with heavy gold plated jewellery to get the flawless Indian traditional look. Chinaya has the best exquisite collection of banarasi sarees at an affordable price.

Choose the best banarasi sarees and perfect draping style for making the best use of your banarasi saree turn into banarasi lehenga. Chinaya Banaras gives you a lot of choices to pick from the exclusive collection of the best banarasi sarees at the best price.

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