A Guide to Pick the Perfect Ethnic Outfit for the Festive Season

India is a land rich in tradition and culture. It is a place that celebrates numerous festivals, a part and parcel of our everyday life. Our glorious heritage is reflected in everything ranging from food to clothes.

One key highlight of every festival is the diverse ethnic clothes that one adorns. Drapes and patterns have seen a sea change, but the basic elegance has thankfully, largely been maintained through time.

Indian ethnic wear is fast becoming a mainstay in global fashion. From the humble salwar-kameez to intricately embroidered festive silk sarees, we have them all.

Sometimes though, it can be a little confusing as to what to buy and more importantly, where to buy it from?

So if you are looking for trendy festive silk sarees online or classic silk sarees for diwali, beautiful un-stitched sets or lehengas, let us give you a little guidance.

How to Buy Festive Silk Sarees for Women Online?

There was a time when buying clothes for festivals used to be a full day affair. A lot of planning was involved. Shops were visited, products were looked at and discarded before we settled upon that one piece (or five) that caught and held our eyes. The flip side of this routine was the limit in choice and convenience.

Online shopping has opened a world of possibilities. A whole new range of collections and selections are available at your fingertips. The downside is that not all online stores sell quality products.

The question then is how do you choose the right store? The simple and easy answer is you pick an online store that has a reputation, one that is built on a foundation of history and legacy - like Chinaya Banaras - who by the way, have an excellent range of diwali collection sarees.

Some other things you keep in mind are:

  • Check Product Authenticity: Go through the website, read about the origin of the store, the products. Gauge the authenticity based on the quality and range. If the price looks too good to be true - be aware, it probably is a scam. Compare the price and products with other websites

  • Read Testimonials: This is an imperative step when shopping online. Keeping an eye on audience chatter is a sure fire way to separate the genuine from the fake

  • Understand Policies: Every good online store will have their policies (return/ exchange etc) listed. Make sure you read through them to understand your options

  • Offers and Discounts: Check for offers and discounts, usually the quality of a product does not change based on steep discounts. Most stores offer discounts during the festive season

  • Mode of Payment: Cash on Delivery is a good option for a first time buy. Having said that, credit cards, debit cards and UPIs are also accepted means of payment these days. Ensure that the store is supported by a secure payment gateway before sharing your financial information

  • Customer Care: This is a very important aspect of online shopping. The customer support is a key to how credible the store is. A store without a customer support is almost always a red flag

Now that we know how to pick our favourite sarees (and every other ethnic wear for that matter) online, lets understand how to go about making the right choice!

6 things to keep in mind while buying your ethnic outfit:

  • Occasion - Is it a small celebration at home or are you looking at a full fledged Diwali party? Is it part of your wedding trousseau or is it for a brunch with friends? The occasion is a key factor when you buy an ethnic outfit, for afterall, you don’t want to be wearing a heavy Banarsi silk saree for an intimate house pooja would you? Similarly, you wouldn’t want to be seen in a simple Banarasi cotton saree when your best friend is getting married, right?
  • Fabric - The fall of the fabric and the feel of it can make or break an outfit. The cut, design, and fall of it will influence the way you ultimately look.

  • Budget - This determines if your wardrobe will welcome a intricate Banarasi silk or a Linen mix

  • Print - This is another criteria that depends on personal choice. Some like flamboyant prints while others like subtle designs

  • Colour - The last but certainly not the least important aspect is the colour. Pick a colour that is not part of your wardrobe to add some jazz. Alternatively choose something that suits your colouring. 

Apart from our diwali collection sarees, at Chinaya Banaras, our range of ethnic wear range include:

So what are you waiting for? Pick that amazing raw silk suit set or buy khaddi silk saree online and get set for the festive season!

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